Blender add-on setup

Apart from the Remote Console, another beginner-friendly option for managing Chordata Motion's system and captures, is our Blender Add-on. Leveraging Blender 3D capabilities, Chordata Motion add-on offers a complete toolkit for managing, inspecting and recording captures.

Add-on installation

Follow these steps to install Chordata Motion Blender add-on:

  1. Download and install Blender.
  2. Download the add-on from our downloads page.
  3. To install and activate the add-on:
    • Launch Blender.
    • Go to "Edit" > "Preferences..." > "Add-ons".
    • Click the "Install..." button.
    • Select the Chordata Motion add-on .zip file you've downloaded.
    • Once installed, the add-on will appear in Blender's add-ons list.
    • Tick the box next to the add-on's name in order to activate it.